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Fit For Another World: The Legacy of Anne Lister (Film Review)

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To many, may not be a name many recognise. However, her diaries about her life in York and her relationships have really spoken to many people. The , Fit For Another World: The Legacy of Anne Lister, really does show her legacy and how she has spoken to many people.

Fit For Another World: The Legacy of Anne Lister delves into the life and legacy of legendary 18th Century lesbian diarist Anne Lister, and her untold connection to York ahead of the opening of the Anne Lister College at the University of York. Through exclusive interviews with experts in the Lister-field (Sally Wainwright, Helena Whitbread, Anne Chroma, Laurie Shannon and many more), you will get an insight into Anne's life in York and its surrounding areas, and why the naming of the new college at the university is incredibly important to so many.

I found Fit For Another World: The Legacy of Anne Lister to be fascinating watch. I did not know who Anne Lister was prior to watching the doc and in the span of forty minutes, I understood the passion that the crew has for Lister. There is a very clear passion coming from everyone involved in this project; from the interviews to the people behind the camera, everyone has a love for Lister.

The documentary is broken up into three different chapters, each highlighting a different part of Anne Lister and while each are great, the third chapter titled ‘Legacy' worked the best for me. Nearly two-hundred years after Anne Lister's death, she is getting a college named after her in the University of York and from the interviews with students in York and Professors, everyone is eager to get involved in this grand opening.

My one criticism of the documentary is that it does feel a tad rushed at times. It clocks in at only forty-two minutes and because of that I do feel parts are cut short. If this was an hour long, I genuinely feel it would have been a perfect documentary on the life of someone that I am not familiar with.

Fit For Another World: The Legacy of Anne Lister is a fantastic documentary filled with passion in front and behind the camera. It is fascinating to hear a story that means so much to so many people and I hope to know more about Lister's work in the future. When my only criticism is that I wish it was longer, you know you have made a great documentary.

Fit For Another World: The Legacy of Anne Lister premiered at the Anne Lister college at the University of York on June 22nd and is streaming on YouTube here.