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Pirates (Home Entertainment Review)

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Picturehouse Entertainment

Actor and presenter has now turned to filmmaking as he writes and directs in his directorial debut , a film about three budding pirate DJs trying to find their way in the world. The year is 1999 and its New Year's Eve. The trio of Cappo, Two Tonne and Kidda are desperate to see out the millennium in style and get into a great party.

Yates sets the scene and time-period up really well as the three 18-year-olds head out into London in their tiny Peugeot 205 with their music blaring ready to enter into adulthood. Knowing that their lives, and their friendship, are about to change forever if they can make it to the party.

Pirates is a really charming and likeable film, mainly because of the main trio. The cast of , and are all excellent and have such great chemistry on screen together. It feels like they really have all been friends their entire lives and it makes for a really watchable film. At only 80 minutes long Pirates is easy to sit back and enjoy as the three friends just want to get tickets to the night's hottest party and bring in the new year in style.

Picturehouse Entertainment

Yates keeps it simple with the classic ‘one-crazy-night' idea and the three leads carry us right through the night with ease. Whilst it doesn't re-invent the wheel and it never provides anything too memorable or original, it beats along with enough energy, including its 90s garage soundtrack, to keep you engaged and it's a worthy directorial debut.

Pirates has all the story beats you'd expect, the one friend that's come back from university and has plans to get away once it's all over, the difficulty of getting the tickets for the party and of course the desperation to get there in time as the girl Two Tonne has a crush on is going to be there. But it never feels dull or predictable. Yes, it's a film we've seen many times before and we'll continue to see again for years to come, Pirates sails by because of the charm and likeability of the main trio.

Despite not really offering much more beyond it, Pirates is funny, entertaining and easy to watch making for a solid directorial debut for Reggie Yates.

Special features on the home release include:

  • Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer

Pirates arrives on DVD, Blu-ray and on Monday May 16th.