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Cop Secret (BFI Flare Film Festival)

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We all know the genre action thriller featuring two cops or agents, working together to bring down the powerful violent criminal wreaking havoc through a city. We know it so well from years of Hollywood spinning out these stories time over time. Rarely do we get a taste from outside the studios and from around the globe. Iceland may seem like an unlikely location for such a film, usually exporting low key comedies and art house films. But Cop Secret, based on a fake trailer, directed by an ex-Footballer, is a hilarious brilliantly underplayed action-comedy romance.

Tough cop Bussi, in denial about his sexuality, falls in love with his new partner and rival, the very handsome and laid back Hörður. They are thrown together to solve a series of suspicious bank robberies where the criminals take no money. As they delve deeper into the case and their feelings for each other, they discover the mastermind behind the crimes to be someone from Hörður's past.

Whether Cop Secret sets out to be a spoof or a straightforward action comedy or not, it is a fast-paced thrill ride that does take moments to slow down when needed. The story is rather basic from the outset but that is needed for this genre, especially when it focuses on the new partners, Bussi and Hörður. The two cops have fantastic chemistry in all aspects and really are the hook and heart of the film.

The comedy does reach spoof levels when declarations of love are shouted out during a massive shoot out with several criminals but this cliché can be forgiven as it works for the character. The comedy and action homages and pokes fun directly at its Hollywood counterparts, right down to our madman villain Rikki, who despite being Icelandic, speaks in English most of the time, much to confusion of his henchmen. The reason why he does this is never explained but it doesn't really matter. All the other typical characters found in this genre make an appearance and yes, the film is predictable plot wise as well, but this also doesn't matter as it's just like any other action comedy, you're watching this for entertainment and not for intellectual reasons.

Cop Secret, on the whole, is nothing original, and the plot is somewhat convoluted, especially towards the climatic end. However, its thoroughly entertaining and can be very funny at times, it hard to find any fault once you are absorbed into the ridiculously high stakes scenarios.


Cop Secret is playing at Film Festival 16-27 March