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Cineworld to Relax Stressed Christmas Shoppers with ASMR Screenings

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As shoppers return to high streets across the UK, is stepping in to provide a welcome respite from the stress of with the first feature-length film ever to be shown on the big screen.

The 90 minute film, Dreaming of Stars, is voiced over by the mellifluous tones of British actor and will combine soothing Christmas music with seasonal imagery and cinema-related sound effects – like the popping of popcorn and the clicking of a Pepsi fountain – all designed to relax and transport shoppers away from the chaos of the Christmas queues.

ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) is a sensation caused by comforting and sedate sights and sounds and is often referred to as a ‘massage for the brain'. It is the third most searched term on YouTube worldwide and Google searches reached an all time high at the start of the pandemic as people sought out the relaxing effects of the trend.

Studying UK Google search data from December 2020, Cineworld noted that searches for ASMR spiked on December 6th as planning for Christmas intensified and Brits racked their brains for gift ideas. The 90 minute film will, therefore, be released in select Cineworld cinemas on December 6th to help stressed out shoppers find the relaxation they need. Customers can book free tickets here

In addition to the 90 minute screening, Cineworld will be releasing daily #CinemASMR content created by London-based YouTuber Atlas ASMR on their social channels as part of a Christmas countdown in order to provide regular sources of relaxation as the gifting season intensifies.

ASMR screenings on Monday, December 6th will take place in the following cinemas:

·         London (Leicester Square)

·         Sheffield

·         Speke

·         Cardiff

·         Newcastle

·         Glasgow

·         Brighton

·         Birmingham Broad Street

·         York

·         Warrington

·         Leeds

·         Plymouth


Malcolm McDowell said: “I have been an actor for over 50 years, lending my voice to productions on stage, screen, and even video games – but this campaign with Cineworld marks a new venture for me, into the weird and wonderful world of ASMR! I hope the public enjoy my dulcet tones and can use the film to take a moment to relax during a hectic day out.”

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