A title image reading 'Nintendo Direct'. A date below reads '23.09.2021'.

is back with another presentation that gifted fans with a zany 40 minutes of updates and reveals. This presentation was pure Nintendo madness: wild announcements, overpriced retro games and the return of a fan favourite. Below is a round-up of the biggest news from the latest Nintendo Direct.

Movie Cast Revealed

A black and white headshot of actor Chris Pratt. Text underneath reads: 'Chris Pratt. "Mario" '

Let’s just dive straight into the most bizarre news of the night. The legendary Miyamoto-san made a special appearance to announce the cast for Studio’s Super Mario movie. Mario will be voiced by none other than… Chris Pratt. And it only gets weirder from there.

Anya Taylor-Joy will be playing Peach and will be joined by Charlie Day as Luigi, Seth Rogan as Donkey Kong, Keegan Michael-Key as Toad and Jack Black as Bowser. The film has a current North American release date for December 21 2022. One question remains: who will voice Waluigi?

Finally Unveiled

No, Bayonetta 3 is not cancelled. After four long years since the game was first announced, PlatinumGames finally revealed a first look at their latest title.

Everyone’s favourite witch is seen looking more fashionable than ever whilst taking on massive beasts in a first look gameplay trailer. The action mostly takes place in a ruined Tokyo and features the series’ signature bombastic combat and set pieces. Bayonetta 3 is set to release sometime in 2022.

N64 and Mega Drive Games Coming to

A banner featuring two main headings: on the left is 'Online, Nintendo Switch Online' and to the right 'Expansion Pack'. A banner at the bottom reads 'Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack'

Switch Online members will finally be able to play classic Nintendo 64 titles on their Switches as well as Mega Drive games – but it will come at an extra cost.

An ‘Expansion Pack’ will be made available for users to add onto their existing Switch Online subscriptions this October. Exact details and pricing are yet to be announced but we do know that nine N64 games and fourteen Mega Drive titles will be made available when the new service launches.

and the Forgotten Land Announced

The adorable pink blob is back in what looks to be Kirby’s biggest game yet. Kirby and the Forgotten Land features fully-explorable 3D environments but the classic move sets from previous titles. This colourful apocalyptic adventure is coming in Spring 2022.

Big Updates Coming to : New Horizons

As complaints build up for the lack of content with Nintendo’s monster hit, fans will be pleased to hear that a major update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is coming this November. The trailer teased the arrival of The Roost cafĂ©, and a dedicated Animal Crossing Direct is airing this October with more details.