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Friends With Benefits – Together Together (Film Review)

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co stars alongside (who most will know from Netflix's fantastically erratic sketch show I Think You Should Leave) in Together Together as a single middle aged man looking to start a family by himself. He enlists the help of Harrison's Anna, who's had her own sad history with a previous pregnancy, to become his surrogate. As Helms' Matt is overly precautious and protective he essentially invades the life of Anna, making sure everything is going the way he'd like. The film follows the entire length of the pregnancy while Matt and Anna start to grow a bond.

Together Together has all the hallmarks of a stereotypical romantic comedy, but the film recognises the age gap between the two characters – even making light of it at points – and instead shows a much more humble film that simply shows a growing friendship between a couple forced together. There are moments where you'd possibly expect the characters to kiss but these scenes are firmly supplanted with much more welcome and original moments of personal connection. Ed Helms and Patti Harrison do make for a very lovely and believable pair and are obviously the heart and soul of this film.

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There are no massive surprises in the plot of Together Together other than the lack of any form of romantic entanglement by the end. The film really is just about two people becoming close and that is quite refreshing. It's the kind of film that single people and those who are in a relationship can enjoy equally without projecting their own insecurities onto the characters.

Ed Helms doesn't play any differently from the characters he's played in everything else he's been in. He's an awkward middle aged man who's got anxiety issues and the like. This isn't a problem as it works very much for the character. However, it would have been more interesting to see an actor known more for serious roles be given the part of Matt. Helms is good and gets the emotional beats right, though someone maybe like Josh Brolin or Ewan McGregor might have made the more awkward comedic moments funnier as Helms has made much of the same jokes in several of his other projects.

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Patti Harrison is without a doubt the stand out performer of Together Together. Her most famous roles come from far more inane comedies compared to this film, and though you can still see her usual overly anxious characters coming out in parts, Harrison really puts a human face on Anna. She has a lot of moments of weakness throughout the plot that are quite emotional and her face in the final shot of Together Together demonstrates a swathe of acting talent. You won't believe that this is the same woman who you can see screaming about tables to teach learners about the dangers of driving while angry over on Netflix.

Together Together is a heartfelt and humble comedy. What it lacks in complete hilarity, it makes up for in platonic love and a serious dose of soul.

Together Together will be released September 20th. 

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