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Ted Lasso Series 2 Episode 2 (TV Review)

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The second episode of Series Two has finally dropped on + and, once again, it delivers on the heart and enjoyable nature that the show has given viewers so far. Not only does it carry on the story that began in the season two premiere but it also establishes the conflict that is current through the next handful of episodes.

After being kicked off a dating show and quitting Manchester City, Jamie Tartt (played by Phil Dunster) seeks out help from old friends and colleagues about what to do next in life. Meanwhile at AFC Richmond, Higgins is on the search for a desk after Dr Sharon moves into his office.

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The second episode of Series Two doesn't come out of the gate with strong tension because that is not what the show is about. It tells a small scale story and each character has their own conflict that they must overcome. That's the beauty of Ted Lasso. The conflict that is pushed to centre stage is with Jamie Tartt and where his character should go next. Phil Dunster is excellent as Jamie. In series one, he was the unlikeable cocky up-and-coming footballer and now he must progress by putting others before himself. Here, he is truly trying to redeem himself and find his place once again.

Jason Sudeikis is also flat out perfect and is the heart and soul of this entire show. He's sweet, charming and kind to everyone he meets and that truly captures what this show is about – kindness. Sudeikis steals every single scene he is in and chews up the scenery making him one of the best comedy actors of this generation.

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The story itself isn't shoved to the forefront like in other episodes and here it develops the relationship between Roy and Keeley, Ted and Dr Sharon as well as Nathan and the new kit man, Will. It builds the dynamic between the Richmond team and is building the blocks for what's to come later in the show.

Once again, Ted Lasso delivers on the heart and warmth that we have come to expect from this show. Episode Two builds the relationships between everyone in the show and sets the foundation for what will happen later on in the series. Sudeikis is magnificent as Ted Lasso and deserves every award that comes his way. If you are looking for some fun entertainment, please do yourself a favour and watch this excellent show!

Ted Lasso Series Two is now streaming exclusively on Apple TV+

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