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New Trailer Released for “Souad”

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The BFI have revealed the trailer for forthcoming new film , the second feature by female Egyptian director , which is due to be released in cinemas UK-wide on 27 August.

Souad () is a 19-year-old who lives with her younger sister Rabab () in Zagazig, a small city on Egypt's Nile Delta. Souad leads a double life; while appearing conservative and wearing her veil among her family and in public, she is obsessed with her image on social media and addicted to her phone. She has secret virtual relationships with men and lies both on and offline about her dull and dutiful reality as she imagines a different kind of life with her ‘boyfriend' Ahmed (). As Souad's actual life comes increasingly into conflict with her digital one, she struggles as her ambitions are slowly crushed, until tragedy strikes.

Watch the new trailer below and watch Souad in UK cinemas on August 27th.

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