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Ariana Grande to Headline Fortnite’s Rift Tour

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A banner announcing a new event for video game Fortnite. To the right is a digital avatar of singer Ariana Grande, wearing a blue skirted outfit and sporting a long brown ponytail. To the left is some text: Fortnite Rift Tour. featuring Ariana Grande. August 6th-8th

It's 2021, which of course means you can watch one of the world's biggest popstars perform on a virtual stage inside a video game. has confirmed that will be headlining s Rift Tour – a five-show series of concerts taking place between August 6 and August 8.

Epic Games have kept things cryptic on what the experience will be like, teasing that players will be able to travel side by side with their friends on a journey to magical new realities where Fortnite and Ariana collide.

Fortnite is a place for the imagination and the impossible. With the Rift Tour, we're bringing a musical journey to life that players can experience, feel, and join alongside their friends. We're so grateful to have an iconic superstar like Ariana Grande and her team join us for a musical experience at metaverse scale, and for players and fans alike to experience the Rift Tour!” – Phil Rampulla, Head of Brand at Epic Games

The showtimes for each can be found here, and fans of the Grammy winning artist will be able to purchase the Ariana Grande Icon Series skin on August 4. Epic Games recommends that players load up Fortnite 60 minutes before the concerts start – especially considering over 12 million players logged in to see Travis Scott in a previous event.

Will you be dropping in as Ariana Grande to watch the virtual concerts?

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