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A 70s Environmental Horror Movie About a Killer Bear, What’s Not To Like? – Prophecy (Blu-ray Review)

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In the latest release from comes a movie that would seem more at home in the library of . The movie in question, , is more in line with the beloved trashy, schlocky horrors released via Arrow rather than the criterion of cinema often associated with Eureka home media. However, it comes as a welcome surprise and as further support in the argument that there is an art to trashy movies.

Released on Blu Ray for the first time ever in the UK, Prophecy is a 70s environmental film about a killer bear. The movie itself follows an environmental agent and his wife travelling to a Native American reserve in order to file a report on a paper mill and its effects on the land.

Given many of the names attached such as director (, ), screenwriter () and lead ( & series'), Prophecy was made with every intention of being a hit. Though it did double its budget at the box office, a hit is far from what Prophecy ended up being, instead becoming a cult classic and rightfully so.

Eureka Entertainment

With hilariously terrible characters and even worse relationships between them, subplots that are completely dropped at the films halfway point and some truly memorable deaths (keep an eye out for sleeping bags), Prophecy is a stupidly fun time, one to be had with friends and a film that should definitely be in the Blu-Ray collection of any trashy horror fan.

The Blu-Ray itself does offer some excellent supplemental features such as its collector's booklet and a new interview with David Seltzer, but for this release the film alone is well worth the price.

Prophecy is now available on Blu-ray.

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