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Ted Lasso Series 2 Premiere (TV Review)

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After a surprisingly brilliant first season,  is finally back and making a triumphant return. Series one was a show that was not on my, or many others', radar, yet ran onto the pitch and stole the hearts of millions of people around the globe. Now, after an eleven month wait, the second series has finally made its way to TV+ and this is one you will not want to miss. 

Series Two takes place a few months after the first series and shows trying to make a comeback after their relegation during the penultimate episode of season one. However, after seven straight matches ending in a draw, the team start to panic and wonder whether their fight to make it back to the Premier League is possible 

Apple TV+

is absolutely brilliant as Ted Lasso; he has so much charisma and whenever his character is on screen, you swell up with joy. The show perfectly captures him as a lovable coach for Richmond but he also has personal setbacks that hit you emotionally. Sudeikis (who is more known for his comedic work) doesn't try to take a dark and rather upsetting plotline and play it as a joke but allows himself to show his range as an actor.  

However, the series premiere focuses on one of the players Dani Rojas (played by Cristo Fernández) after a devastating collision that happens during the opening scene. While it is mostly comedic, it is nice to see Fernández's Rojas have more to do than simply be one of the best players on the pitch. After being introduced roughly halfway through season one, Dani was shown to the lively well-mannered footballer from Mexico who said “ is life,” incredibly often. Yet, during this opening episode you see an emotional side which is truly heartwarming. 

Apple TV+

Once again, Ted Lasso has stolen my heart and delivered yet another delightful series. With a promising start, it can only improve from here. Jason Sudeikis and Cristo Fernández are the true standouts in this episode. Fernández has an arc that is humorous yet crucial to his character and the AFC Richmond team. If you adored series one, season two continues the story and is one hell of a watch! 

The Series Two Premiere of Ted Lasso will be available to stream exclusively on Apple TV+ from July 23rd

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