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Sony’s latest State of Play showcase aired late last night, featuring nine minutes of gameplay from Arkane Studios’ time loop shooter Deathloop and twenty minutes of indie and third-party titles.

The eleven trailers shown were a mix of updates, gameplay reveals, and world premieres, but below are the five games featured that you should absolutely keep an eye on.

Moss: Book II

A delightful surprise to kick off the show, developer Polyarc has announced that they’re working on a sequel to their 2018 hit VR game Moss. Players will once again guide the adorable mouse hero Quill through beautiful environments and take on challenging puzzles and deadly enemies.

There is currently no release date but just the news of a sequel to one of the best VR titles out there is more than enough to get excited.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends

There are all too many battle royales but Hunter’s Arena: Legends looks to genuinely stand out from the crowd. This 30-player battle royale features a big focus on melee combat, using weapons and martial arts to survive in an ancient East Asian inspired world.

Hunter’s Arena: Legends is already a bit of a hit on PC, but it will come to PS4 and PS5 as part of August’s PS Plus lineup. With it’s interesting take on an over-populated genre and wide-reaching release, this has the potential to be a Summer hit.


Slowclap’s Kung Fu movie inspired Sifu made a strong impression with its reveal back in February, and continues to impress with a new gameplay trailer. The core ageing mechanic is shown off in detail here, where each time the player character dies they age a couple years and grow stronger with experience.

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Unfortunately the trailer also reveals a new release window – pushed from 2021 to early 2022 – due to Covid and numerous lockdowns. It’ll certainly be worth the wait though.

Jett: The Far Shore

It has been a little while (roughly a year) since this intriguing exploration game was announced, and now we have a full gameplay and story trailer for Jett: The Far Shore. You play as Mei, an interstellar explorer working with a team on a mystery planet they’re hoping to call home.

What was most surprising was the narrative focus on what it’s really like to be on an interstellar expedition, where players can delve into Mei’s surreal dreams and can seemingly interact with the other crew members. Jett: The Far Shore will release later this year.

Death Stranding Director’s Cut

After its initial announcement during E3, Death Stranding Director’s Cut finally has a release date but also some unexpected new features. As well as new story missions and 60fps support, this enhanced version is packed with new bosses, new weapons, additional tools, a firing range and even a racing mode called ‘Fragile Circuit’.

A Playstation Blog details how the PS5 version will take advantage of the console: from full DuelSense support, to 3D Audio, and near-instant load times.



By Gavin Spoors

Gavin is a Freelance Writer, budding Screenwriter and Narrative Designer, and Gaming Editor for Filmhounds. He's particularly interested in story and narrative design, be it for a film, TV series or a game. His written work can be found at outlets such as Flip Screen, New Game+ and JumpCut PLAY.

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