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Nintendo announce New Switch OLED Model

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have released a detailing their new model of the Nintendo . Check it out here to see how it compares to the old models:

The new model features a larger 7 inch screen which has a slimmer bezel to the original model. The screen has also been said to have much more vibrant colours so games like The Legend Of : The Breath Of The Wild will pop even more than they used to on the old model. This is because of the console's namesake, its OLED screen, which doesn't have a backlight like your typical LCD screens. These display images using light emitted by each individual pixel.

Along with a bigger screen comes a large and wide stand that can be used to comfortably sit the console on a table for off of your television screen and in the kitchen or in the garden. This makes the console even more perfect for multiplayer or co-operative action anywhere and anytime.

The OLED console has a dock which features an HDMI port to support all HD TVs, two USB ports and has the new addition of a port for wired LAN connection. This makes internet a lot more stable for any sort of online play compared to wireless connections. There were rumours that this new version would support 4K connections but Nintendo has yet to confirm that this is the case.

The new OLED has 64GB of internal memory storage. That's double the amount that was in the original Switch and it's more portable counterpart, the Lite.  Now you'll have even more room to store loads of your favourite games. The sound system of the OLED is also enhanced making the audio of every game all the more engaging.

Also featured in the trailer are two of the games Nintendo detailed at the latest E3, Dread and The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild sequel. Both of which are highly anticipated by fans. Their placement in this trailer suggests that possibly they could be released alongside the OLED and maybe even packaged in with it.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model will release on October 8th 2021. 




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