A tall, bony being with four arms and glowing yellow eyes. stares down at a small, rock-like figure with a dark orb as a head. In the background a fleshy tendrils hanging from the ceiling. A screenshot from the video game 'Grime'.

Clover Bite and Akupara Games have announced that their upcoming action-RPG Grime will be releasing on PC and Stadia on August 2, 2021. IGN unveiled the announcement trailer, which shows off the playable character – a buff stone-like humanoid with a black hole for a head – taking on a variety of grotesque creatures.

Grime promises an interconnected world where players can take on otherworldly enemies using weapons made of living creatures and that black hole head as a unique parry system to absorb oncoming attacks and projectiles. The trailer hints at different armour sets and minor customisation, but guarantees some epic boss battles.

There is no word yet on a console release but you can currently wishlist Grime on Steam.

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By Gavin Spoors

Gavin is a Freelance Writer, budding Screenwriter and Narrative Designer, and Gaming Editor for Filmhounds. He's particularly interested in story and narrative design, be it for a film, TV series or a game. His written work can be found at outlets such as Flip Screen, New Game+ and JumpCut PLAY.

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