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Invincible Episode 7 (TV Review)

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This show truly does keep getting better and better. episode seven might just be the best superhero material we have seen so far this decade. It's bleak, gory and leaves you with so much to comprehend. It ramps up the action and delivers themes and ideas that we have not seen explored in this genre before. Here's why episode seven of Amazon's Invincible is the best yet.

Since the first three episodes of the adaptation of Robert Kirkman's comic back last month, I was immediately hooked by the show and eager to find out what was going on and how everything would play out. Now, with the penultimate episode of the series now streaming on , we are finally getting the payoff from everything that had been set up on day one. If you have been watching the show, you will remember the bloodbath that was the end of the first chapter (titled ‘It's About Time') and now we are finally seeing the fallout of that sequence and each of the characters clashing.

Episode seven goes above and beyond while becoming the best yet. The series has set a new standard for itself and leaves me, as a viewer, desperate to know what will happen next. This week the violence is pushed to the extreme and delivers a sequence over ten minutes long that is non-stop action and was fantastic to see on-screen. It progresses the character beats and then moves into one of the best fight scenes that we have seen in any movie or TV show to date. It's incredibly violent, shocking and allows you to feel the ramifications of the brawl.

Nolan (voiced by ) really does lead this episode. He is shoved to centre stage and his mission is fairly clear, which is perfectly adapted to the screen. You can tell immediately what his goal is and while you can see where he is coming from, you see how far he differs from the rest of the heroes. The show has perfectly built his character to this moment and it is wonderful to see the payoff that has been set up in the previous six episodes. The series has set up each character in such a brilliant way and now that we are seeing everyone start to get closure due to the fact that season one is coming to a close, I am starting to feel satisfied with the way that everything is coming together.

Episode seven of Invincible has left me stunned. The show has set a new standard for itself that will be hard to top in the finale next week. The action is brutal and gory while the story itself is starting to give a sense of closure which feels earned. It is definitely the darkest and most bleak episode to date but it allows itself to go down that road since the story has leant itself to being that way. It is easily the best episode to date and the finale cannot release soon enough!

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