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Invincible Episode 4 (TV Review)

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's brand new show, , truly impressed me during its first three episodes due to its light-hearted tone, charming characters and dazzling animation. Now, with the next episode in the eight episode series now streaming exclusively on , Robert Kirkman's animated series has solidified itself as a must watch series. Here's why.


The fourth episode of Invincible carries on from the previous three; it establishes the relationship between Mark and Amber (voiced by Zazie Beetz) and has the titular character travel to another planet on an other-worldly mission. The episode does hint at a few plot threads that may be pivotal later on in the show but otherwise it is a filler episode.

During the episode's forty-five minute length, it definitely feels like it is laying the groundwork for the remainder of the show. The episode sends Mark (voiced by Academy Award nominee Steven Yeun) on a mission to Mars while his parents go on a holiday. The plot surrounding Mark's mum and dad doesn't particularly add anything to the show but seeing Invincible travel to another planet is a very interesting way to take the series.

The creator of the show, Robert Kirkman, lingers on certain shots in previous episodes and we see them be given context during this episode. We also see the same happen in this episode too; we see brief glimpses of characters/objects which may play into the larger story in future episodes.


But, the highlight of the episode certainly is the relationship between Mark and his father, Nolan. The father and son relationship between them feels very raw, intimate and very amusing at times. The first moment between the duo has them racing across the globe while testing out their superpowers. These scenes are some of my favourites during the show so far because they feel much more down-to-earth than seeing teams fighting monsters from other dimensions or planets. The show writers have found a perfect blend between ultra-violent action and character building which makes each episode feel a lot more emotional because you feel the stakes and implications of what could happen next.

Overall, Invincible episode four progresses the characters, sets up the story by giving us glimpses of what will happen next, and gives a clearer understanding of the story. Mark Grayson is a great protagonist for the show and seeing the journey his character must go on in this episode was very entertaining to watch unfold. I cannot wait to see what will happen next and am hooked on Amazon's latest superhero show.

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