With WWE moving their WWE Network to in the US and other shows such as Young Rock and Saved By The Bell included now is a great time to try NBC’s Peacock. Currently it’s not available in the UK without a VPN, here we show you how you can access it. Peacock includes a free tier so you may not even have to pay to watch some TV shows, films or wrestling.

This has been tested and we regularly watch it via Chromecast with GoogleTV.


1. Sign-up for a VPN to allow you to switch location. I have successfully used NordVPN which is fairly reliable.

2. Within the VPN you must select a US location and then go to PeacockTV.com

3. You can select the Peacock Free subscription.

4. As you will need a US credit or debit card, one way we found to get to get Premium is to download the Peacock app for Android via APKmirror.

5. Making sure you are connected to US on VPN whilst in the Android app click on ‘Account’ and you can switch the ‘Plan & Payment’ when you change the account a Google Pay box should appear to let you pay via Google if you have it set up, rather than a US credit or Debit card.

6. As long as you are connected via the VPN you should now have access to Peacock, including WWE live PPVs if you pay for a premium option which also has a 7 day free trial.