THE HUMAN FACTOR, a new film by Dror Moreh, Academy Award-nominated director of The Gatekeepers, revisits three decades of an Israeli-Arab peace process from a unique perspective: that of the American mediators. As peacemakers, they shuttled between Middle East capitals spending hours with the region’s political heavyweights – heads of state, generals, diplomats, dictators and freedom fighters – gaining intimate knowledge of the individuals and stories which dominated daily news around the world.

For all those key figures – some working on the same issue for almost three decades – peace in the Middle East became a personal obsession, a mission which shaped their professional careers, affected their personal lives, and still occupies their minds. For the first time in film, these negotiators speak candidly about their experiences alongside never-before-seen, official White House photography that illustrate what really went on in rooms behind the scenes, away from the photo opportunities.

At the end of Bill Clinton’s second term, there was a moment when peace appeared to be just within reach. THE HUMAN FACTOR takes an unflinching look at what went wrong.

The Human Factor will be released in cinemas on Friday 21st May

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