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New Interactive Mobile Drama Tackles Racism And Police Profiling

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Dead Man's Phone is a new interactive drama which has launched on Apple and Google Play stores today. The game is aimed at confronting issues surrounding profiling, gang related violence and .

Inspired by Britain's love of all things true crime, Dead Man's Phone is a “found phone” interactive drama that puts players in to the shoes of a London Police detective who's assigned the murder of a young black man, Jerome Jacobs, who was pushed off of a tower block in Peckham, South London. The player is given access to Jerome's phone where they can search through his social medias, images and personal messages to unravel the identity of his killer. The experience is unique for every player as there are multiple options and routes you can take and multiple ways the story can end.

ElectricNoir, the developers behind the new experience, worked closely with Sim Cryer, a former homicide detective, to make sure the experience was a authentic as possible. Cryer also provides his voice as the chief inspector who guides the player through the experience.

UK hip-hop label, Defenders Entertainment, has also partnered with ElectricNoir to supply all the music for season one of Dead Man's Phone. The full soundtrack will be released on Spotify and Apple Music later this year.

Dead Man's Phone has already been nominated for the EE Mobile Game Of The Year Award at this year's BAFTA Game Awards. The full first season of Dead Man's Phone will unfold over 6 episodes. All of which will be free on iOS and Android.

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