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Invincible Episode 1-3 (TV Review)

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We are three months into 2021 and we have had an abundance of Comic-Book content already; from WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier streaming on Disney+ to Zack Snyder's Justice League on Sky Cinema/HBO Max. I have been a big fan of these TV shows and movies but after watching the first three episodes of Prime's brand new animated series, , this is definitely a show you must watch.

Amazon Studios have been releasing some fantastic content over the past few months, including Academy Award nominee Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm and the highly anticipated Coming 2 America. Yet their overly-violent series The Boys has been a hit worldwide by spinning the world of superheroes on its head and telling a great adaptation from the original story in the comics. Amazon are now releasing their second show surrounding superheroes and this will definitely be one that Comic-Book fans around the world will adore!

The premise for Invincible is fairly straightforward. It is an adult animated series set in a world filled with superheroes and people with a variety of powers. The story follows a teenager whose father is the most powerful on the planet.

We have seen this set up in superhero films many times over the years, either in big-budget blockbusters or in television shows, but after seeing it in both formats for many years I have wanted to see something new with the material. And Invincible is exactly that. This is a wholly original story mixed with stunning and a funny yet slightly awkward at times coming-of-age story. After seeing the opening three episodes (roughly 45 minutes per episode), you get a clear understanding of the plot but also a sense of intrigue as to what will happen next.

Firstly, the animation is breath-taking. From the sweeping action to the fictional city that the series takes place in. I was amazed at how beautiful the entire program looked. Every frame is filled with dazzling colour that from its opening minutes drew me in and made me want to know what happened next once the credits started to roll.

The story itself is also very promising. After the first few episodes, you get a taste of what is to come and a feel for our lead character, Mark Grayson (voiced by Steven Yeun), and how he must come to grips with his superpowers and his father (voiced by J.K. Simmons) being the most powerful being on Earth.

The characters are all very nicely set up too. Very quickly, you see Mark's dad, Nolan Grayson, as this saviour for mankind (similar to Superman in the DC Comics) and how that has taken a toll on his sons life and knowing that Mark will never live up to his father. The bond between Nolan and Mark is also very prominent on-screen and the way the characters interact with one another feels raw and how a superman-like figure would discuss his work life with other members of the family. Mark also comes into his own very early on and steps out of his father's shadow, and the scenes where he is discovering his powers allows the show to deliver some great laughs.

The supporting cast is also solid too; Mark's school friends are very amusing and give the show some time to breathe. While Nolan's wife, Debbie Grayson, gives Mark some inspiring words and shows her caution about her son. This is where the family bond works perfectly.

The action is also super violent and makes you feel every punch thrown. The show does not try to cover any of the blood and gore meaning it is visceral, brutal and some of the best action in superhero content to date! The way each sequence is visualised allows you to see every fist launched and squeal on multiple occasions. If you are not a fan of excessive blood & gore in superhero titles, this will not be the show for you but if you do like gnarly fight sequences, then Invincible will be perfect!

Verdict: After three fantastic episodes, I am hooked on Invincible and cannot wait to see where the show will go next. It has set up the characters, intrigue and tension to create one of the best superhero series' to date.

's Invincible will be streaming on Friday 26th March

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