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Evan Peters To Play Jeffrey Dahmer in NEW Netflix Drama

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, who people will most recently know as Fake Pietro in WandaVision, has signed on to play notorious serial killer in a new original series. The series is called Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story and will be produced by who has been behind other Netflix Limited series such as Ratched and Hollywood. He also produced both anthology series and American Story, the former having Evan Peters included in its cast.

The script is written by Murphy along with Ian Brennan (who helped write Glee and Scream Queens along with Ratched) and David McMillan (who was a mind behind Lucifer and Sleepy Hollow). The series is set to be directed in part by Carl Franklin (who did episodes of House Of Cards and Mindhunter) and Janet Mock (who directed parts of Pose and Hollywood).

Along with Evan Peters playing the titular role Nicey Nash (Mrs. America, When They See Us), Penelope Ann Miller (The Artist, Carlito's Way), Shaun J. Brown (Run, Future Man), Colin Ford (Under The Dome, Captain Marvel) and Richard Jenkins (Kajillionaire, The Shape Of Water) have all been cast in the show.

Jeffery Dahmer was a serial killer and sex offender who operated mainly in Ohio and Wisconsin from 1978 until he was caught in 1991. He was dubbed the Milwaukee Monster/Cannibal as he was known to eat his victims once he'd killed and dismembered them. Often keeping them in his fridge for later. He was convicted of the murder of 17 men and boys and was sentenced to 941 years in prison. The story of Dahmer is a gruesome one indeed and will certainly be an interesting one to look out for on Netflix.

If you're interested in this story and can't wait to see it, there's a graphic novel and its film adaptation about the serial killer's early life. My Friend Dahmer is written by Derf Backderf who went to school with the future murderer. The story chronicles his real life experiences with Dahmer and shows what possibly drove him to his dark future.

Monster: The Jeffery Dahmer Story does not yet have a set release date but we could expect to see it around Spring 2022.

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