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“What’s the worst that could happen” – The Racer (New Clip)

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In summer 1998, the opening stages of Le Tour de France are relocated to Ireland. At the start of what will likely be his last Tour, cyclist Dom Chabol (Louis Talpe) is dropped from the Team he has dedicated his life to. Team masseur and best friend Sonny (Iain Glen), who helped keep Dom at peak performance through illegal blood doping, fails to reassure him about his future. However a chance liaison with Lynn (Tara Lee), a young Irish doctor, softens the blow, and Dom starts to accept – and even enjoy – the idea of civilian life. But just as he gears up to head home, another teammate is knocked off the Tour and Dom is thrown back into the saddle. Now with the years of doping having taken a toll on his body, the racer may pay the ultimate price for a final shot at the glory that has eluded him his entire career…

Punctuated with black humour and fast-paced action, The Racer is an examination of the life-threatening pain and physical punishment world-class athletes will endure to rise to the top.

The film is produced by award winning Blinder Films (Love & Friendship, Vita & Virginia) in coproduction with Calach Films (Mammal) and Caviar (Sound of Metal, The Rider, Tabula Rasa) and stars Louis Talpe (Of Kings and Prophets), Matteo Simoni (Gangsta), Tara Lee (A Date For Mad Mary), Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) and is directed by Kieron J. Walsh (Jump, Finding Joy).

Written by Ciaran Cassidy (Jihad Jane) and Kieron J. Walsh with Blinder Films’ Katie Holly (Vita & VirginiaLove & FriendshipCitadel) and Yvonne Donohoe (Boys From County Hell, Extra Ordinary, Striking Out) producing and Jesus Gonzalez-Elvira from Calach Films co-producing along with Caviar’s Robin Kerremans and Dimitri Verbeeck.

The film is supported by Fís Éireann / Screen Ireland, Film Fund Luxembourg, Eurimages, Screen Flanders, the BAI Sound & Vision Fund and RTE.

Vertigo Releasing presents The Racer in cinemas and on streaming platforms from 18 December

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