Having quite the prolific acting career, Viggo Mortensen is expanding his creative horizons with his new film Falling. Along with starring and directing, Mortensen also wrote, produced, and composed the music for his directorial debut. Joined by Lance Henriksen and Laura Linney, Falling follows Willis (Henriksen), a father who moves from his rural farm to live with his son, John (Mortensen), in L.A. Tensions arise due to their fractured relationship, stemming from the fact that Willis has never fully accepted that John is gay.

It’s exciting to see Lance Henriksen in a leading role again, especially in a film with a complex and emotional family story. Mortensen has expressed his hopes to focus more on directing at this point in his career, and it looks like Falling is just the beginning of this new career path.

Falling will be released in the UK on December 4th.


By Sarah Lord

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