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Amazon Prime Video’s Watch Party Launches Today in the UK

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's launch of their new feature comes at a perfect time in the UK as England goes back into lockdown due to an increase in Covid-19 cases. Watch Party makes it much easier to view movies and shows with friends and family wherever they may be. If you have Amazon Prime, this new feature comes at no extra cost and all the films and TV shows in the Prime Video library are available.

Given Amazon's extensive selection including the new Borat film and Truth Seeker's, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost's latest collaborative effort, Watch Party is surely to be a hit with people separated from friends and loved ones during this time. It allows for up to 100 participants at a time, providing a variety of viewing experiences, big or small. The feature is easy to use, with the option of creating a watch party available as one of the main buttons under any Prime Video content. It also comes with a chat option, making it easy for everyone in the party to communicate with each other. As the host of the watch party, you have the ability to invite friends and have full control over the playback and synchronization of the feature.

With Watch Party available now in the UK, you can find more info here and start your own viewing party today.

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