As we get closer and closer to witnessing David Fincher’s take on the making of Orson Welles’ seminal Citizen Kane, Netflix has just released the official trailer for Mank after sharing a teaser a few weeks ago. The script was originally written by Fincher’s father, Jack Fincher, in the 90s and was supposed to be made after David Fincher did The Game in 1997. Plans fell through, and Jack Fincher passed away in 2003. His vision is now finally coming to some big screens and Netflix later this year. Based upon the trailer, Mank emulates the style of Citizen Kane, reflecting on what it took to get the movie made from the perspective of screenwriter Herman J. Mankiewicz. While Orson Welles is the name that comes to mind whenever Citizen Kane is mentioned, it’s time to learn about the other man behind the acclaimed film. With Gary Oldman as Mankiewicz, Mank also stars Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Tom Burke, and Charles Dance.

Mank will premiere worldwide on Netflix December 4th. Check out the trailer below.



By Sarah Lord

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