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It’s October, which means it’s getting dark out earlier, much to the eternal surprise of the great British public, despite the fact that it happens every single year. I mean, it’s not like the changing of the seasons is one of the fundamental functions of our existence or anything! Ahem, excuse me. What I mean is, it’s October, so the days are getting colder, the clothes are getting warmer and there’s pumpkin-spiced everything, from coffee to fabric softener to independent pale ales. It also means that it’s Halloween at the end of the month so we’re lawfully obligated to provide our loyal readers with a seasonal Spooktacular, filled with everything a horror fan could want from their film literature. We have a series of interviews with The New Masters of Horror, giving you the lowdown on all the biggest up-and-coming horror directors and their terrifying new takes on the genre. Plus, we have a look at the new 4K rerelease of Beetlejuice, and a retrospective of , celebrating its entry into the Criterion Collection. Our Features Editor, Maria Lättilä, takes us through the Female Revolution of Horror, and we have a chat with about his new paranormal show, , coming to Amazon Prime on October 30th. Blimey, that’s Halloween itself!


Those of a squeamish disposition will be happy to know it isn’t all blood and bones and ghosts and gore. We take a look at the new movie, ; honour as it approaches its 35th anniversary; and even though they’ve pushed it back to April, that won’t dampen our enthusiasm for the 25th Broccoli produced movie, , which we have all the must-know details on. Lastly, Emrys Moungabio pays tribute to an icon of American cinema, taken well before his time, the legendary Chadwick Boseman.

For all this and so much more in a packed 76-page issue, FilmHounds #2 is available now.