Sometimes, late-night parties can drive anyone crazy and the latest horror-flick Ravers really taps into that. The film sees a germaphobic journalist Becky who hopes to step outside of her own comfort zone for once in her life and make it to the big leagues. Then one night, she reluctantly agrees to go to a late-night rave party with her cousin Ozzy after learning her longtime crush Hannah will be attending. However, a contaminated energy drink soon begins to turn the most harmless of attendees into rage-filled monsters, and it’s up to our ragtag team to try and fight to survive.

Ravers is the debut feature Bernhard Pucher (also a record company owner and DJ) and as debut films go, Pucher has delivered a nuts-and-bolts horror film that does its job efficiently well and works reasonably well as an entertaining crowd-pleaser. The story is basic, which does work well with the confined location the film spends most of the runtime at. It starts out slow in its first act as it does its character-building and scene-setting, but once the infection starts to take hold of the party-goers, that’s when the film really starts to get into the swing of things and it’s fun and games from there.

The film’s ensemble cast largely pull off decent performances; Georgia Hirst especially gives a solid performance, acquitting herself pretty well in the role considering this is her first leading role in a film. Her chemistry with Manpreet Bambra is effective and provides the film its emotional anchor, while Danny Kirrane is fun as the slight comic relief and genius that attempts to come up with an antidote to save the day. The practical and digital effects work on the titular “ravers” are impressive and squirm-inducing with their bulging eyes that look as though they are ready to pop out of their sockets. As far as negatives go, outside of the slow first act, the whole location setting doesn’t scream America one bit and the whole subplot with drug dealer Vince, who’s supposed to be the main villain, falls completely flat.

On its own, Ravers is a perfectly functional horror film that provides enough silliness, excitement and entertainment, even for the most casual of horror fans. It’s probably not going to leave any lasting impression on you, but if you’re planning on getting drunk and watching something with your friends, then this’ll do the job nicely.

Dir: Bernhard Pucher

Scr: Bernhard Pucher, Luke Foster

Cast: Georgia Hirst, Danny Kirrane, Maria Volk, Kamal Angelo Bolden, Manpreet Bambra

Prd: Michael Dobbin, Raimund Berens

DOP: Luke Bryant

Music: Ty Unwin

Country: US

Year: 2018

Run time: 90 mins

Blue Finch Film Releasing presents Ravers on Digital Download 16 March

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