Fans of  were delightfully surprised when star of The Wizarding World,  was cast as music teacher with a heart of gold, Luke.

We managed to catch a few moments with Dan as he took a breather at this year’s Walker Stalker Con in London to chat about his time on the show, as well as Fantastic Beasts, and a possible sequel to everyone’s favourite ping-pong-based comedy…

How has it been joining the cast of The Walking Dead?

It’s nice, man! People have been really excited about Luke and the new team, Magna’s team. The reception has been very welcoming. People love the show and they’re rooting for you to succeed ‘cause they want the show to go on forever. The new guys, we’re helping things along and people seem to be enjoying it!

Are you glad that Luke didn’t get his comic book death in the last few episodes of this season?

Yes! Oh my god! I was worried about that for a little bit! But things turned out okay!

Luke’s relationship with Alden () has been one of the real highlights of this season. How has it been creating the Symphony of Awesome?

I love working with Cal; he’s so fun and we get along really well.  I think the writers just knew that the chemistry would be good there. Riding horses and stuff, it feels like we’re in a Western! And then the music is so great to be able to incorporate. It really brings a nice layer of humanity to the show that we haven’t seen before!

Now, I have to ask about a certain sequel that we all can’t wait for…

(smiles knowingly) Of course…

2. When’s it gonna happen?

(laughs)Dos Balls of Fury”? I dunno! People keep asking about it! I’m actually working with Maggie Q on something else right now, so that’s a little bit of a reunion. We’ll see man! I dunno! I’ll do it! If Walken’ll do it!

And what can we look forward to in that other sequel that’s coming up?

We started again in November. I’m really excited. We go to Brazil, supposedly… So that’s really cool. That’s all I can give away!

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