The Romantic Comedy has gone through phases of being loved, hated, copied, twisted and back through the cycle again. This genre that’s crudely been named ‘for girls’ as they are mostly ‘chick flicks’ has its stand outs though.

Frankie is forever being dumped by her boyfriends and just when she thought Thomas was the one, he breaks up with her too, through his 11 year old half brother. But when Frankie finds out that she has the loser in love gene, she decides to take action, not wanting to be a ‘dumpee’ all her life. 

Being unlucky in love isn’t just a character description, its in the genes, according to Collington’s film and as ridiculous as it sounds, the science of the film does begin to sound credible, especially when Frankie gets her co workers who also have the gene involved with a plan of action to reverse their bad luck. Having been unceremoniously broken up with Frankie seeks the advice, knowledge then friendship of her ex-boyfriend’s 11 year old brother who is not only scientifically minded but is the one who tells her about the loser in love gene. At first its amusing that Frankie colludes with the boy but by the end of the film, it was really about an unlikely friendship, while still being about romance and finding the comedy in wanting to re-date ex-boyfriend just so you can have the satisfaction of breaking up with them.

As humour filled and fun as the film is, it is slightly let down by the flat and uncharismatic Frankie who mopes most of the way through the film. As the lead it was a shame her sense of urgency when deciding to break up with her ex-boyfriends was exciting as it sounded. Thankfully an office full of unlucky in love oddballs and a very clever school kid give her the back up needed for this romantic comedy to genre to hit the plot points and entertain as well make you double think about the gene being real. 


Prd: Sasha Collington, Jessica Benhamou, Harry Dodd-Noble

Scr: Sasha Collington

Cast: , , ,

DoP: Christopher Schneider

Music: Richard Canavan

Year: 2019

Country: UK

Running time: 95 mins