June 20th. June 20th is the date that the publishers behind your favourite anarchic indie darlings, such as Hotline Miami, Broforce and Serious Sam, bring the latest in side-scrolling, duel-wielding action, .

Egged on by an Antonio Banderas impersonating banana, a bullet-blasting Barishnokov bourrées his way through an ultra-violent underworld, shooting holes in scum like they’re swiss cheese. The context, quite frankly, isn’t as important as the mechanics, which involves us using slow motion to gain a meticulous level of control over the hero as he twists, turns, runs and jumps all the while aiming both of his arms independently as his bullets ricochet off metal plates and frying pans.

Developed by , My Friend Pedro looks to have all the insanity Devolver Digital love to unleash on the public. Available for pre-order on . Doing so will save you 15% off the standard £17.99 price. users get a flat price of £15.49.