Based on the show titled , Truck Building Simulator sees you taking control of Dave “Heavy D” Sparks, Keaton “The Muscle” Hoskins, Josh “Red Beard” Stuart and “Diesel Dave” Kiley. As you take on the task of running their garage from a small starting operation to gaining fans and rising to the level of Discovery Channel fame the shop is known for today.

Start out repairing sent in, doing paint jobs and replacing tires getting the parts you need from the online shop or taking yourself down to the scrapyard to see if you can salvage the part and bring it to a standard to suit the truck. As you progress the jobs become more difficult and have more hectic deadlines, but fear not the deadline is more of a goal. If you get the job done in that time you get rewarded more than the agreed cost and if you use only high spec parts and do a tidy paint job (if needed) then you also get marked on the quality of the work and rewarded for that.

Once you have mastered other peoples’ trucks you can look at buying your own, either from the shop or as a rescue of a poor set of scrap destined to become a giant paperweight. But here is the catch, your fame leads to the effect on the sellability of the truck, if you are just some normal guy you’ll be lucky to break even on the selling so buy as much as you can second hand, refurb it and make it profitable, but as you your brand name, you also build fans that are wanting of the latest Diesel Brothers truck, driving bidders and hopefully profits.

So, how to make the name for yourself? Of course, there’s good old advertising. Starting with word of mouth, getting flyers, radio ads, tv ads, etc. Then you can also do truck giveaways. This costs as you can imagine. There is no profit on a truck you give away for free so the only thing you can gain here is fans. But these are vital to expanding the garage from 2500 fans and the $10000 needed to buy the transmission jack and so on. Driving you towards getting the shop bigger and better. These fans can then also provide income as you sell merchandise like tools, t-shirts, glasses, etc.

So, all in all, we know we have to repair, build, advertise and giveaway. What comes next,? Well, we can also play with the trucks. Making the trucks themselves gain fame and with fame comes value. This comes in the form of offroad races and drag races, but fear not. If you are not into racing you can also have a bit of a play in the offroad free-play area. Of course, you want to jump that newly built monster through a ring of fire before you sell it.

Every truck comes with a good amount of customization options, some items so far I have only found in the scrap yard so it is always worth a look as you never know what you’ll find, but it’s not all parts as you can add on decals either premade or you can use shapes to create your own masterpieces but if you dare there’s also the painting option we talked about. start by sandblasting the panels down to bare metal then you add the paint freehand, there’s no fill option so if you want a solid paint job it’s all on you. This, in turn, means you can also get creative with airbrushing your own freehand designs to the truck.

There is also something this truck building simulator brings that makes this a game for friends, there is also a multiplayer so you can get that deadline if you work together, one repainting the doors while the other changes wheels and brakes, while another is attaching the new roof rack that was ordered, you can go all hands on one truck or when the second slot is opened after a rise in fame and a little cash is spent you can work on two trucks in the shop at the same time.

During my playtime, I only found one thing that would sometimes cause an issue and that was after auction sometimes the caller would still be calling even after returning to the garage. I quick fixed this by reloading the game save and it clears up, but for the amount gone into the game I must say I’m shocked that I didn’t find more, but of course pleased at the same time.

So my personal thoughts, quite simply I love the game. I keep making mistakes that cost me a lot of in-game cash but that’s on me. If you love games like the car simulator series then this adds that new level with the backing of the show people already know. Add it to your wishlist, become friends with that weird rich aunty in the hope she’ll buy you it, do what it takes but get the game. For the love of all things diesel, do it. It’s ok I’ll wait.