Hello and welcome to VultureHound‘s weekly news round-up, where we bring you the biggest and best news to come out of the film industry every Sunday.

This weekend marks the two year anniversary of the weekly news round-up, and also, potentially, its end, as I move on to other things.

So what wonders does this week hold for what may be VultureHound‘s last weekly news round-up*?
– Does the trailer ruin the whole film?
’s revealed!
– Fleabag to fix Bond?

Read on to find out more!

Hobbs & Shaw trailer gives us everything

Fans of the  franchise have been gearing themselves up for the next film in the series, as the first F&F spin-off, Hobbs & Shaw hits screens later this year. Starring Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham, the film sees the titular characters trying to put aside their differences and team up to take down a super-soldier played by Idris Elba.

We got our first trailer for the film back at the Super Bowl, but now a new trailer has been released… and it pretty much shows off the entire film.

I’m still down for this. It looks like a fun, if ludicrous, ride. But it also seems to be another instance of movie studios blatantly ruining an entire film in the trailer, which is probably not the best sign for the quality of the movie. Anyway, if you’re willing to entertain a few (Read: all) spoilers then here’s the trailer:

Hobbs & Shaw races into cinemas on August 2nd, 2019.


The new Chucky revealed

It was recently announced that Star Wars‘ Mark Hamill would be the voice of the new Chucky, after we got a first trailer that was distinctly lacking in murderous dolls. This week, however, not only did we get a still of the new murdering menace…

…we also got a brand new trailer in which Hamill’s Chucky voice is finally heard. Albeit very briefly.

The new trailer delves a bit more into the A.I. nature of the new Chucky, as well as demonstrating his ability to control electrical objects. And in true IT style (it’s produced by the same people) it promises a showdown between a bunch of kids and the main bad guy:

The Child’s Play remake slashes into cinemas on June 21st 2019.


The names Bond. Fleabag Bond.

Daniel Craig / Skyfall / Picture courtesy of Eon

In a very fitting coincidence, this last weekly news round-up comes to a close with a topic that we discussed way back in the first ever post.

Back in 2017, the news was centred around which studio was going to obtain the rights to make the film. A lot has happened in the two years that have passed (and yet, at the same time – not that much at all). Firstly, the production hired stalwart Bond writers, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, to pen the film. Later, there was much excitement about the fact that acclaimed director Danny Boyle had been brought onto the project, and he was joined by longtime collaborator John Hodge, who started the script from scratch.

Just a few months later, Boyle was off Bond, and was replaced a few months later by Cary Joji Fukunaga (the director of True Detective season one). Purvis and Wade were brought back to rework Hodge’s script, with Scott Z Burns (The Bourne Ultimatum) also stepping in to lend a hand.

The most recent development, however, is that Daniel Craig, James Bond himself, has insisted on a fifth writer coming in to give the script a tidy up, and that writer is none other than Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Bridge, who was seen last year in Solo: A Star Wars Story and Christopher Robin, was approached by Craig in New York and asked to liven up the script and add in a bit of humour. Bridge is perhaps best known for her work on television, having written and starred in two seasons of the hit show Fleabag, as well as writing and producing Killing Eve.

Frankly, these constant developments in the Bond 25 saga are getting a bit tiring, but the addition of Bridge to the writing team is a very good bit of news. And, hopefully, the last bit of news on this subject.

Bond 25 shoots into cinemas on April 8th 2020.


*Unless someone else takes it up in the coming weeks. Bye for now.