Video games aren’t necessarily known for trying out new ideas when it comes to giving people the creeps. It’s mostly just the same old cliches of zombies, aliens and tired old Cthulhu tropes. So when VultureHound saw this trailer, we were immediately intrigued.

It begins with a man giving a group of young children a talk at night in a forest by a fireside. He’s teaching them a lesson about survival, an important theme in the game and one that will be reinforced throughout the story. The trailer then cuts between deadly situations and hazardous environments, visions of mysterious forests and strange necrotic activity.

You play as Daniel, a father looking for his missing child in a place he swore he would never return to. In order to find her he must not only find out where she is, but why she keeps running.

Someday You’ll Return is made by Czech developer  and will release in 2019.