for video games are often little distractions that extend the value of existing properties. They are usually things like graphical upgrades, UI updates and silly extra skins that turn your enemies into The Macho Man Randy Savage. It’s rare that a mod provides a substantial amount of actual game content, environments to explore, characters to talk to or objectives to complete. It’s even rarer when it’s done right.

started out life as an Elder Scrolls V: mod and was so good it not only won an Australian Writers Guild Award but has been slated for a standalone release on PC and .  The original story has been transferred from the catacombs of Skyrim to an ancient Roman city and the engine has been updated from Bethesda’s to Epic’s .

Play as one of 26 explorers trapped in their last day alive in a mythological paradise, doomed to repeat their last 24-hours until they solve the mystery surrounding this ill-fated civilisation.