Adam steps onto the stones before him. Seven in all, each a representation of sin. As his hand touches the first stone, he feels something is drained from him. A memory? The ability to use something? Maybe even his own life force? Who knows, but it’s gone now and with this sacrifice on the stone it’s time to face his sin. Will he vanquish his sins for forever be chained to them?

Prepare to die. . . A lot. Each time you die you’ll get a little further and learn a bit more about the sin you are facing, from how they move to what they’re weakest against, even when the best time to hit them is and, of course, how many times you can hit them before running away as fast as you can. These are not your easy-to-deal-with enemies. These are bosses all set on one purpose, to make Adam’s life a living hell. Each boss has a backstory you discover the first time you go to face them, each story, of course, describing their pride, their wrath, their greed. So yes, in case you haven’t picked up on it yet, each of the seven bosses are an embodiment of the seven deadly sins, and with these giants and their attacks, deadly really is the word.

The game basically has eight levels; the seven bloodthirsty sins and the boss of bosses. All I know about the eighth boss is you have to get past everyone else before you can deal with this . . . whatever it is. I never found out. I can see this being one of the games streamers will hate, only because there will be many viewers wanting to see them die over and over and get more than a little hot under the collar.

This I have been guilty of with a few of my fellow streamers, but sometimes defeating such a hard boss (or bosses) can be just as entertaining. Such as the time one of my close friends beat the duo Ornstein and Smough from the original Dark Souls game and preceded with what can only be described as a touchdown spike with his Xbox One controller. Needless to say, it was amusing and a rather expensive outcome.

The game has you sacrifice either items, health, stamina and even just things like not being able to heal or just getting badly staggered if you run out of stamina. This you don’t get back once you defeat the sin you are facing but you might regain some of these traits from defeating the other sins.

All in all, my experience of the game was fun, even if frustrating, but I do love a challeng. The gameplay is great, the graphics are enough to make you want to take them in but still simple enough that you remember to dodge the huge attack about to devastate your health bar. I really can see this game going big and personally can’t wait to see some of my fellow streamers facing their sins and trying to hold back the salty snack that is their ever-growing rage.

Armor your TV pad the room and don’t use the expensive peripherals. It’s gonna get messy but make sure someone is there to love it, be it yourself, or someone willing to watch you get red in the face and think of re-embracing Wrath, try not to get too much Pride, prepare to be a Glutton for punishment and get Lustful for a way out. This game will test how much punishment you can take but offers such a good way to experience it.

P.S Mind the gap.