Like to keep your mind active but fed up of old slider puzzles? Want something to keep you awake while you play? Want explosions?

Well, the guys and girls over at Empyrean Games have you covered with Pixplode, a puzzle game where the golden block needs to reach a target block. You will need to not only move the golden block by blowing up other blocks, but you may also have to move the other, non-fixed blocks as well. This can lead to sending the wrong blocks flying off the edge, but if you know a little about trajectory then you should be able to figure out most of the starting puzzles with ease.

This, of course, brings us to a quite literal twist, as the game then makes it so you have to rotate the puzzle left or right, Fez style, finding different angles where the main puzzle piece can be moved different ways.  This can sometimes save it when you need to blast non-fixed blocks out the way as it keeps our little precious cargo safe from being hurtled into oblivion.

With the levels getting progressively more impenetrable you will have to think before you act as a single puzzle spin can lose you the round, or a blast can set off a nasty chain reaction, sending puzzle pieces flying, much like that time you caught your family member cheating at monopoly (you know the one) and flipped the board so all those hotels went took off.

All in all, this fun game can have you trapped for hours in a mind-boggling set up of blasts and cursing as you make a silly mistake that mean you need to start again. Its simple yet clever design makes the game so playable and enjoyable. This game will be a good time filler and time killer should you not watch the clock and really helps get the mind running.

Fire in the hole.