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This week:
– Deadpool 2 returns to cinemas
– DC finds two Birds of Prey
– Kathleen Kennedy’s going nowhere

Deadpool Returns

Were you a fan of Deadpool 2?

After multiple viewings at the cinema and the chance to check out the Extended Cut on the Home Entertainment release, were you still hungry for more?*

Did you think that perhaps the one thing holding you back from peak enjoyment of the film was the fact that you couldn’t take your kids to see the film?

Well, if you answered yes to those questions, I have good news for you. Deadline has revealed that Deadpool 2 will be returning to cinemas this December. But this time, it will be a little different.

While the films (and the character) are known for their rather violent escapades, this new cinematic re-release will see the movie take on a PG-13 rating (or 12A, if you’re a fellow Brit), meaning that fans of all ages will be able to witness the Merc With a Mouth’s latest adventure. While the slicing and dicing will likely be toned down, this new cut of the movie will feature new jokes and potentially, a new title.

So if you’re one of those Deadpool fanatics who’s always longing for more Wade Wilson, in three months time, you’ll be able to go for round three.

*I’m not speaking from experience here. Once was enough for me. But you guys knock yourselves out.

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Deadpool 2 returns to select cinemas (probably American) on December 21st 2018.

Mary-Elizabeth Winstead & Jurnee Smollett-Bell join the DC Universe

Despite a slew of news articles that would make most believe DC’s Cinematic Universe was on the way out, they have begun to build steam in the last few months. With San Diego Comic Con releasing tantalising teasers for Aquaman and Shazam!Wonder Woman 1984 being a sure success and Todd Phillips unveliving Joaquin Phoenix’s new Joker look, things are looking up for Marvel’s main competitor.

So it only makes sense that we’d be getting news from one of DC’s other projects in active development sooner rather than later. Flying into cinemas in 2020, one of DC’s next films will be Birds of Prey, a female team-up movie based on the popular comic-book. The comic series has often featured members Black Canary, Batgirl and Huntress (pictured above, in that order), and this week, Mary-Elizabeth Winstead (10 Cloverfield Lane) and Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Underground) have been cast as Huntress and Canary, respectively.

The pair will join Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, as well as a few other superheroines who have yet to be cast. The team will reportedly face off against the villainous Black Mask – a part in which producers are hoping to cast an actor like Sam Rockwell, Ewan McGregor or Sharlto Copley.

How will this new DC films cast round out?

We’ll find out when…

Birds of Prey flies into cinemas February 7th 2020.


Kathleen Kennedy’s staying in a galaxy far, far away

Picture courtesy of Alberto E. Rodriguez

After the rather divisive response to The Last Jedi and the poor marketing of Solo, many of Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy’s critics believed that she may bow out following the upcoming Episode IX, and hand the reigns over to another producer.

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As of this week, however, we know that that will not be the case, as The Hollywood Reporter reported Kennedy has extended her contract for another three years, meaning she will head Lucasfilm until at least 2021.

The next three years will be a critical time for Star Wars. However, Disney head Bob Iger recently came out and took the blame for the rushing of recent Star Wars films – a fault that was previously leveled against Kennedy. So with a fresh slate of sorts, Kennedy can now focus her energies on the completion of Episode IX and the marketing campaign that will follow, and, more importantly, help shape Star Wars‘ mysterious future. In the next few years, we will be seeing Jon Favreau’s live-action series debuting on Disney Now, alongside a revived seventh season of the fan-favourite Clone Wars.

On top of that, there are also the two new series of films from Last Jedi director Rian Johnson and Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss, respectively. Outside of Star Wars, Lucasfilm also has Indiana Jones 5 in development, and with all these productions in play, it makes sense for Kennedy to watch over the various projects she put into motion.

Star Wars: Episode IX shoots into cinemas on December 20th 2019.