Films about bands, music or artistic differences are two a penny but one that adds a supernatural murder streak, that is different. Written, produced and directed by Project Greenlight creator , you’d expect the film to create some buzz, but it seems to be floundering in distribution hell.

is washed up 80s rock star, Jimmy who is desperate to get back into the music scene. At his 50th birthday party he meets party crasher Scott, a talented songwriter and Rachel, a shy singer. Together they form, Hollow Body. But after their first show goes wrong dues to Rachel’s stage fright, she is involved in an accident and struck by lightening. Emerging from the incident seemingly unscathed, she has newfound confidence and is able to perform. Both Jimmy and Scott start to suspect that Rachel is far her old self and that she may actually be the cause of the strange deaths that follow the band.

At first glance the story is a weird twisted idea with atmospheric music thrown in but below the surface of the simplistic plot, a convoluted journey to the end of the film bungles any sense of suspense or real chemistry between the actors. Sold on the fact that David Arquette and star, the latter is in three scenes and makes little to no impact to the story or film. Credit does go to Arquette for played the washed up gruff bitter rock star wanting another shot at fame, but most of the time it feels as if he trying to keep up with everything, including a confusing use of voice over, which only makes sense in the end scene. Scott played by is left with the less interesting and predictable role of sensitive family man songwriter who can’t resist the sweet innocent girl. Rachel played is the girl, who starts off normal then gets struck by lightening and turns in a super sexualized bitch, but she can sing. The redeeming feature of the film is the soundtrack, which Keledjian also wrote, with actually good songs, providing the film with far more depth than the dialogue.

If you’re intrigued by the supernatural element of the story and want to hear some great music then Hollow Body might be the film you’ve been waiting for, otherwise, you want to press skip on this one.

Dir: Alex Keledjian

Prd: , , , , , Ryan Gibson, Alex Keledjian

Scr: Alex Keledjian

Cast: David Arquette, Luke Wilson, Ryan Donowho, Allie Gonino



Country: USA

Year: 2018

Running time: 87 minutes


Hollow Body is released on VOD in the UK on 24th September