have a cracking September coming up with two new additions to some of the hottest series around. One is the final chapter in a reboot for a 22-year-old franchise and the other is the highly anticipated follow up to one of this decades’ most exciting new IPs.


The brand-new , out on September 14, 2018, tease takes a look at some of the breathtaking environments that Lara Croft will be investigating in the final instalment of this new trilogy. A stunning montage of some of the most awe-inspiring locations I’ve ever seen in a game that will finally complete young Lara’s journey to becoming the globe-trotting badass we all fell in love with in 1996.


Life is Strange 2, to be revealed on August 20, 2018, was first introduced to us with The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, the free hour-long experience from Dontnod that introduced us to prepubescent Chris, strongly tipped to be the protagonist of this series. Those rumours were strengthened by the above teaser which shows us some Chronical style found footage of powers not similar to those seen in that influential superhero movie. Powers that look like a far more mature version of those Chris was playing with in Captain Spirit, thought to be set at least a decade before LiS2.

Square Enix certainly have a packed lineup for the holiday. Check back here for more news on the upcoming releases in the next few month