The day is Friday the 10th of August, 2018 and two of the world’s biggest publishers are vying for your attention. Firstly we have Bethesda, surprising us all with a look at one a game no one had any clue was this near completion. Announced at E3 2018,  no one thought we were anywhere near seeing gameplay for Doom Eternal from id Software. So when Bethesda came out with 7 minutes worth of new footage detailing new weapons, weapon mods, enemies, bosses, level layouts and transversal methods. Of particular note is the new grappling hook on the shotgun that grabs onto enemies and pulls you towards them, ensuring no matter the distance to the fight you will always be no more than half a second away from being deep in the fray. A.k.a Doom’s happy place.

Doom Eternal is speculated to come out 28 December 2018.

Another kind of surprise, Rockstar only come out a couple of days ago to let us know Red Dead Redemption was finally getting its long-awaited gameplay debut just 24 hours later. The new trailer is heavy on story and cutscenes but gives even more details on gameplay. The big focus of this new footage is the dynamics of the living and breathing open world that Rockstar is creating, from your outlaw’s base of operations, to the bustling cities, to the wonders of the great outdoors.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is out 26 October 2018.