The very first episode of the very last season of Telltale’s Walking Dead comes out on the 14th of August and you can get a look at it here.

The first season of Walking Dead revolutionised the adventure game and made Telltale one of the biggest developers on the planet. From that, they scored several high-profile properties to work with including Game of Thrones and Minecraft. They even landed properties from both DC and Marvel, creating adventures for Batman and The Guardians of the Galaxy respectively.

This series looks to be taking Clementine on a creepier, more ‘enemy within’ type journey where the new-found sanctuary is being sabotaged by one of their own. All as she questions just why psychological damage has been done to her by the years of running and killing.

Walking Dead, ‘Done Running’ is out Tuesday, August 14 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.