A comedy about two sisters, who couldn’t be more different, who take their mother on holiday after their father leaves her for a much younger woman, does exactly what it says on the comedy on holiday genre tin. Heading off to a beach resort with daily activities, excursions, parties, shows and a view so perfect you wish you could be there too, is a perfect setting for mishaps, lies and of course, family bonding.

The three women at the centre of the story can easily be put into the stereotypical boxes they were carved from, but that would be over looking the fun quick dialogue that is spouted, especially from free spirited and sexually adventurous younger sister Rose (Camille Cottin) who is the instigator for most of the chaos.

The film takes advantage of the enclosed setting, meaning supporting characters get to have their moment for a few minutes. There is insight mainly to the sisters as they talk, bicker and laugh together, their lives are talked about, with no sign of change, even when their greatest flaws are brought to light. For this story, the only development that is needed is from the mother, Francoise who does indeed open up and move on with her new life.

Not quite by the book family comedy but it does fit a genre and that’s no bad thing. The story, like its characters, are fun, sometimes silly and over the top, but at the end of the day it all about daughter-mother bonding.

Dir: Eloïse Lang

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Scr: Eloïse Lang

Prd: Sidney Harmon

Cast: Miou-Miou, Camille Cottin, Camille Chamoux

DoP: Antoine Monod

Music: Fred Avril

Country: France

Year: 2018

Run time: 95 minutes

By KatieHogan

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