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Last week, we covered a fair bit of science-fiction and superheroes; you know, general geek-culture; and while there is a bit of that this week, the biggest and best news is definitely more of an ecclectic mix, with everything from a classic video game character revival, to a surprisingly genred film about Harvey Weinstein.

Read on to find out more!

DC Rumours abound

Gal Gadot / Picture courtesy of Warner Bros.

First up, the science-fiction/superhero stuff.

Some months back, it was rumoured that Wonder Woman 2, one of the few films DC and Warner Bros. actually seem confident about making, was going to also be a period piece set in the eighties, not unlike the first film which featured a World War One setting.

This rumour was seemingly confirmed this week by Geoff Johns; comic-book writer, producer for multiple DC television shows and movies, as well as one of the screenwriters behind the upcoming AquamanGreen Lantern Corps and Wonder Woman 2; who posted a vague image as his cover photo on twitter, which many have taken as a confirmation due to the letters and numbers present:

Alongside this information, we also know that Wonder Woman 2 will be helmed by returning director Patty Jenkins, once again featuring Gal Gadot as the title character, as she faces off against her arch-nemesis Cheetah, played by Kristen Wiig.

On the topic of potentially confirmed rumours, Justin Kroll of Variety has suggested that the villain behind Matt Reeve’s The Batman may well be the Penguin; last seen in live-action film as played by Danny DeVito in Batman Returns. However, the Penguin seems to be getting a major push, as he also claims that the character is also a front-runner to be the villain in the Margot Robbie starring Birds of Prey:

Although, to be honest, whether or not either of those films will get made as they’re currently intended is very unclear at this point, so lets just wait and see (Batman and Birds of Prey, that is. Wonder Woman is a pretty sure thing).

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Wonder Woman slashes into cinemas on November 1st 2019.


The Harvey Weinstein horror

Harvey Weinstein / Picture courtesy of Reuters – Mike Blake

By now, the majority of people are familiar with the various issues surrounding former film producer Harvey Weinstein, and the various accusations against him of sexual assault, which recently culminated in Weinstein being arrested for rape after the 66 year old turned himself in to the police.

Now, Brian de Palma, acclaimed director of hits such as CarrieScarface and Mission: Impossible, has revealed that he is writing a new film about the case surrounding Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein will not actually be named in the film, but it’s likely that the implication of who the film is based on will be quite clear.

The most unexpected aspect of this, however, is that the film will be of the horror genre, which will no doubt make the events inflicted on Weinstein’s various victims even more horrid (not that it’s not horrid enough already). About the scandal, De Palma laid down one of the many reasons he found Weinstein’s crimes so disgusting, explaining that producers have to “get actors’ confidence and their love” and that “to violate it on any level is just to me the worst thing you can do, just because of your gluttony or your lust”

De Palma’s latest project is Domino – release date unconfirmed.


James Marsden speeds into battle against Dr. Eggman

Picture courtesy of SEGA

On a much lighter note, the budding production of the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie has found its star.

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Said to be a mesh of live-action and CGI, Sonic the Hedgehog will star James Marsden as the titular hedgehog, known for his paradoxical super-speed and penchant for foiling the criminal machinations of the vile Dr. Eggman.

Paul Rudd was previously rumoured to be in the running for the part in the film, set to be directed by first-time feature director Jeff Fowler, who caught the spotlight with his Oscar nominated short Gopher Broke.

Marsden has recently been featured as one of the stars of the HBO show Westworld, initially gaining prominence as Scott Summers a.k.a. Cyclops, in the 2000s X-Men movies. Will the vocal talents of this charming actor be able to help Sonic outrun the ‘video-game movie curse’? We’ll find out next year as…

Sonic the Hedgehog speeds into cinemas on November 15th 2019.