Waking up in , 1918. The smell of the dead surrounds you, the city is plagued by flu killing the good people. This is not all there is to fear. Talk of murders and monsters chokes the capital. Thirsty and covered in blood, you stumble to your feet. How you got here is a mystery what you do next is up to you.

The dark grime of Georgian London makes this game stunning to view as you play the part of Dr. Jonathon E. Reid. A hero in his own rights respected by the medical community, but now you awaken in a mass grave as the flu epidemic ravages Londons streets killing off many unfortunate souls. Only thing is, you weren’t taken by the flu. What happened to you is much more sinister. Bloodstained from two holes in your neck you stumble to your feet like a drunk out of control of your own limbs. You announce you are thirsty. Enter your first victim.

You sculpt how this world reacts around you, taking out key figures has an impact on each part of London you uncover. While your experience in the game is quite literally drained from your victims, can you resist the animal urge or will you drain the city and become a demon of the night?

While there are people who know you are a monster and they will hunt you down, you choose how to deal with these. . . obstacles, whether you beat them down close range, drain them of their life or simply take up firearms against them, every choice has a consequence on your very being, and the resistance you will face.

Use your voice – remember people can be talked to – not everyone wants to kill you on site and talking has benefits. By learning more about a person you make them more ‘pure’, meaning that if you choose to take them for a little ‘drink’ later that you will get more of an experience out of it.

It’s not just the person you talk to that gives you this information though, sometimes it could be a friend, a colleague, someone in the right place at the wrong time or just someone who sticks their nose in where it’s not always welcome. Anyone can be rather helpful to you.

Remember someone did this to you. Are they on your side or against you? Not only that, but are you really the only other turned person? This you will have to find out as you grow your lifeblood and discover what really lies beneath the dark streets of London.

I love the game. If you can take a second away from biting necks, shooting and stabbing your hunters and talking to the locals you’ll notice the graphics are stunning, making London, 1918, come to life even with all the darkness surrounding it. The gameplay is really deep giving strength to the storyline by creating good combat situations.

The fact you can freely roam these dark streets finding out more about the locals and yourself becomes greatly appealing as well, as the game allows you to go at your own pace. You can maybe even find something that would be missed if you went straight through the story and nothing else. All in all a great game for people of all gaming levels casual, hardcore and achievement hunters.