Welcome to the grimy side of real estate! In this game, you face the challenge of clean up detail.

Starting the game with an office no bigger than a run down shed with a toilet you start to build a customer base, receiving emails from people requesting anything from a simple clean up to a bit of decorating. As the game progresses you find yourself working with more tools and even getting involved in some “light” remodelling when you find the use of a trusty sledgehammer and the handy pack of bricks to rebuild.

After a simple amount of working through the handyman jobs you find yourself browsing on the laptop in the office at the places to buy, once the cash is in place and hopefully you got a good buffer to spend on dealing with what lies in wait in the new property you just purchased, you are ready to start work on your own project.

Sometimes even getting in the front door of these places is a challenge, then, once inside, you need to think about what to tackle first. Is there stuff you want to keep or do you rip it all out and start fresh? Don’t forget the vacuum for them cockroaches that have taken up residence in the absence of anything clean.

After a couple of hours in your new house, you will be hoping that it’s starting to look like you can live in it, if not yourself then one of the potential buyers that has been giving you praise or criticism on the left of the screen the whole time. From every patch of dirt you clean up to every last bit of furniture you place into the house, everything will affect who wants to buy from colour and cleanliness to what bed and how many you put in.

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Once you are out of money and the house looks to be habitable again you are ready to see if the hard work paid off, by hitting enter you take the house to auction to see who wants it and how much they want it. After a short bidding war, you will hopefully see a good return and a good boost to your original investment, that of course, you are just going to do something crazy with, like buying another run down property that, who knows, you might not choose to sell this time. You could always move in yourself and get out of that shack you started off in.

Current DLC added to the game is the apocalypse update this adds gear for all the doomsday preppers out there, anything from canned food and bottled water to a trusty M16 rifle for when defending your bunker really matters. Let your imagination run wild in this glorious mash-up of the Sims meets Viscera Cleanup Detail.

I recommend this game to anyone that loves getting lost in simple simulation/building games, hours can easily be lost playing this. Hope you enjoy and happy interior designing.