Hello and welcome to VultureHound‘s weekly news round-up, where we’ve been bringing you the biggest and best news to come out of the film industry every Sunday… for an entire year!

That’s right. Way back on the 22nd of April, 2017, we wrangled together some news stories covering topics such as Aladdin, the feuds on the set of Fast & Furious and how the untimely passing of Carrie Fisher would affect Star Wars – Episode IX, and we’ve plowed on ever since, having done fifty round-ups to date (we took some time off over Christmas).

But even a year on, the mission’s still the same – we’re rounding up the news so you don’t have to.

Deadpool 2 trailer introduces the greatest hero of all

Zazie Beets, Ryan Reynolds & Josh Brolin / Picture courtesy of 20th Century Fox

As we get closer and closer to the release of Deadpool 2, we’ve received yet another trailer courtesy of 20th century Fox. However, unlike prior releases, this one forgoes the alternative little intros or skits that Deadpool is known for, instead just delivering one big ol’ action packed trailer. Acting as an introduction of sorts of Deadpool’s new ‘super-duper-fucking-group’, the ‘X-Force’, the new trailer sees DP and his buddy Weasel recruiting super-powered heroes to join their team and stop the time-travelling warrior Cable from killing a kid under Deadpool’s protection.

There are some especially good gags along the way, and the trailer ends with the introduction of ‘Peter’, a character who perhaps may change the super-hero game going forward. Watch the trailer below to see what we’re talking about:

Deadpool 2 slashes into cinemas on May 15th 2018.


Xander Cage returns, again

Hermione Corfield, Nina Dobrev, Vin Diesel, Deepika Padukone & Ruby Rose

While the Fast and Furious series is still going strong, with eight films under its belt so far, the fact that the spin-off film starring Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson is now the priority means that, after Avengers hits this week, it’ll be a while before a film shows up in which people can get their Vin Diesel fix.

Diesel seems to have realised this, and thus has been making plans in the background to ensure he remains in the spotlight. According to Variety, Vin Diesel’s company, One Race Films, has teamed up with The H Collective to acquire the rights for the xXx franchise from Revolution so that they can start work on a fourth movie in the series.

Following on from The Return of Xander Cage, director D.J. Caruso will also return to helm the film, which is intended to start shooting this December.

xXx: The Return of Xander Cage is out on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download now.


Jeff Goldblum welcomes audiences to Jurassic World

Picture courtesy of Universal

Just as Deadpool 2 got it’s ‘final trailer’ this week, so too did Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Doing away with the pretense that this film would be yet another adventure on the island home of the Jurassic Park, this new trailer goes all-out with the story, showing audiences that the ‘rescue opp’ to the Park is just the beginning, and by taking the Dinosaurs away from their secluded residence, the series is setting things up to truly make this a Jurassic World.

And to really hammer down that point, Jeff Goldblum says as much in the new trailer:

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom roars into cinemas on June 7th 2018.


Goyer and the Brothers Nee to take us back to Eternia

Dolph Lundgren / Picture courtesy of Cannon Films

While He-Man and the Masters of the Universe fell off the radar some years ago, the character and his compatriots have remained in the public consciousness thanks to a weird little cover of What’s Up?, originally sang by the 4 Non Blondes:

Now, however, audiences may remember He-Man for something a little more serious, as after years of development, a live-action reboot is finally moving ahead.

The new film is set to be directed by the Brothers Nee, a pair who have worked on a variety of facets of film production, and previously directed The Last Romantic in 2006, and more recently, Band of Robbers in 2015.

The film will be written by David Goyer, a man whose filmography has brought us some great pieces of cinema in The Dark Knight and conversely, some of cinemas worst in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

With two brothers who are largely unheard of at the helm, and a writer whose quality is about as predictable as a coin toss, this film could go any which way. Hopefully, however, it’ll be better than the 1987 flick starring Dolph Lundgren, which… well… we’ve looked at a few trailers today, so I may as well put up one more and let it speak for itself:

Masters of the Universe smashes into cinemas in 2019.