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The Oscars have finally passed us by, ushering hordes of people to the cinema in an attempt to find out what all the fuss was about surrounding all of these films that your average moviegoer likely never would have gone to see had it not been nominated for an Academy Award.

So, today, we’ll be listing off all the winners, in case you somehow missed it. But before that, we’ve got some science-fiction and super-hero news to get you warmed up:

Denis Villeneuve brings double the Dune

Kyle MacLachlan / Image courtesy of Universal Pictures

French Canadian director Denis Villeneuve boasts some pretty spectacular looking films, with his latest picture, Blade Runner 2049 having just won an Academy Award for it’s visuals.

So, understandably, people are excited to see what Denis works on next and wondering whether or not he’s still planning on tackling the adaptation of Frank Herbert’s sizeable 1965 novel, Dune.

Villeneuve seems to very much on board with the project; something he pictures will be a Star Wars movie, but ‘for adults’ – something not meant as an insult; the director is a self-proclaimed Star Wars fan, and has previously pointed out how the two franchises are connected, in that Dune helped influence George Lucas’ writing.

The real news today though, is that, while giving a talk in Montreal, Villeneuve not only confirmed that he was still planning to make Dune, but that he envisioned the project taking two years to make, and that it would not only be one film, but two or, potentially, more.

While Dune may seem like an unknown quantity to many; the property has previously been adapted into film by David Lynch and as such, has a cult following, meaning this news will make a lot of science-fiction fans very happy.

The original Dune is available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download now. 


Kristen Wiig slashes her way into Wonder Woman 2

Image courtesy of Gregg DeGuire

With Warner Bros. seemingly having given up on hurling any random project into production in favour of focusing on the superhero series already out there (that is to say, they still spitball making anything that comes into their heads, but only a select few seem to actually be gaining any traction), the majority of DC Superhero news seems to be focused on three definite projects: the currently filming Shazam!, the already finished filming Aquaman and the pre-production of Wonder Woman 2.

For a while now, rumours have been flowing that the villain for the sequel to the female-led superhero flick would be Wonder Woman’s arch-nemesis, Cheetah (some background, ‘Cheetah’ is an archaeologist called Barbara Ann Minerva, who, in her search for immortality, is turned into a bloodthirsty human/cheetah hybrid).

More recent rumours paired an actress with the role, and now, director Patty Jenkins has officially revealed that Cheetah will be played by Kristen Wiig. Whether the role will be comedic in nature is unknown, but considering in recent years, Wiig has appeared in more serious films such as mother! and The Martian, this could go any which way.

Wonder Woman 2 flies into cinemas on November 1st 2019. 


More details emerge on unnecessary Joker movie

Image courtesy of DC Comics

As is the way with many DC movies, a lot of the details to come out ahead of them are truly baffling. Perhaps the most baffling, at this time, is anything to do with the Todd Phillips/Martin Scorsese Joker origin movie, which will be unrelated to the Jared Leto Joker that appears in Suicide Squad.

Recently, it was revealed that Joaquin Phoenix was close to signing on as the Joker himself; a piece of news promising a drastically different take on the characters to the version seen frequenting DC’s Extended Universe. However, with the odd mix of Todd Phillips (The Hangover franchise) and Martin Scorsese (you know who he is) working behind the camera, fans were confused as to what exactly this story would entail. We’d heard that it may be set in the eighties, but what was the story, exactly?

Now, The Wrap reports that the film will take cues from the Alan Moore comic, The Killing Joke, which depicted the Joker as a failing comedian forced to turn to crime to make good for his family, and, ultimately, snapped, becoming the infamous cackling criminal.

The film ‘will portray Batman’s arch-nemesis as a failed 1980s comedian who becomes the clown prince of crime after bombing with audiences’, which The Wrap concludes is why Scorsese is involved; ‘his involvement makes more sense given his work on 1982’s “King of Comedy,” which starred Robert De Niro as a deluded comedian who can’t catch a break. The Joker origin story will include nods to that film’.

The Joker can currently be seen in Suicide Squad, available on DVD, Blu-Ray and Digital Download.


All them Oscar winners, listed for your pleasure

And now, we present to you, (hopefully) for the last time this year (or at least, a good long while) a big-ass awards-focused list. Ladies and gents, it’s the various Oscar winners:

Best Picture: The Shape of Water

Director: Guillermo del Toro, The Shape of Water
Actor: Gary Oldman, Darkest Hour
Actress: Frances McDormand, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Supporting Actor: Sam Rockwell, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri
Supporting Actress: Allison Janney, I, Tonya

Original Screenplay: Get Out
Adapted Screenplay: Call Me by Your Name

Foreign Language Film: A Fantastic Woman
Animated Feature: Coco

Visual Effects: Blade Runner 2049
Film Editing: Dunkirk
Score: The Shape of Water
Song: “Remember Me” from Coco
Production Design: The Shape of Water
Cinematography: Blade Runner 2049
Costume Design: Phantom Thread
Makeup and Hairstyling: Darkest Hour
Sound Editing: Dunkirk
Sound Mixing: Dunkirk

Documentary Feature: Icarus

Animated Short: Dear Basketball
Live Action Short: The Silent Child
Documentary Short: Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405