As promised earlier, the full trailer for the upcoming Star Wars spin-off Solo hit the web, giving us our best look so far at Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo, and giving us some semblance of a story:

The trailer see’s Han monologue about his desire to be a pilot (the best pilot in the galaxy, no less) and his life developing his con man skills, before giving us another fleeting look at the rest of the cast, and presenting us with the set up for what seems to be a heist movie.

And honestly? It looks like it could be fun. In terms of story, it may not be anything mind-blowing, but Ehrenreich seems to have that Han Solo swagger down, so it seems the film’s got it where it counts. With a full trailer now available, Star Wars fans can finally make an informed opinion about whether or not this film is for them. And if it’s a yes from you, then the best part is it’s only three months to go until the film hits cinema screens.

Solo: A Star Wars Story flies into cinemas on May 25th 2018.