There were a lot of rumours swirling around about when we’d catch our first official glimpse of the Han Solo solo movie, . As it turns out, not one, but two of the rumours turned out to be true, as last night, during the Superbowl, and released a ‘Big Game’ teaser for Solo, giving us a quick glimpse at the various characters, the darker Rogue One-esque aesthetic and of course, some fleeting looks at the new (old) Millennium Falcon.

The teaser, understandably, is pretty thin on plot; favouring style over substance, which some have rallied against, claiming that this is concrete proof that Disney are ashamed of Solo, hence why they’ve only just started the marketing now (three months before the film’s release), and why we don’t ever get a proper shot of the actor playing Han Solo, , speaking. Thanks to that last part in particular, naysayers are dredging up the worrying old rumours about how Ehrenreich reportedly had to have an acting coach flown in, because he “couldn’t act” (a rumour that ignores the fact he’s featured and acted in other films prior to this one).

However, if you too are worried about such things, then never fear, as 44 seconds in, the teaser reveals that the full trailer is coming later today (presumably when America wakes up after celebrating or commiserating the Superbowl results), which is that second rumour turning out to be true that I mentioned up top.

Fortunately, for us here in Britain, that means we’re getting two first looks at Solo in one day. Here’s the first one to keep you busy until the second drops:

Solo: A Star Wars Story flies into cinemas on May 25th 2017.