Another Hearthstone World Championship Tournament is over for another year and we have a new champion. Who will it be? The USA’s Fr0zen or Taiwan’s tom60229, looking to be the first ever Asian region Hearthstone World Champion?

Fr0zen, playing Control Mage was all but dead in the first round on one point of life, but the incredible draw of Arcane Artificer allowed him to get his health and out of range of his opponent’s damage, locking Tom60229 out of the match and securing him the win. Tom conceded in the second round after Fr0zen drew and played Shadowreaper Anduin, decimating his powerful board position, leaving him despondent. He was also unimpressed by the pyro going off prematurely after this defeat as it wasn’t over just yet.

This put him in an unenviable position, needing to play and defeat the notorious Jade Druid deck three times in order to secure the championship. He clawed back a win with his Highlander Priest in the third game. Blink and miss the next match as it was quickly ended thanks to a stunning play on turn two. A Swashburglar nabs an Innervate from his opponent’s class, allowing Tom to create a 10/10 Edwin VanCleef early in the game. Another huge victory by a Rogue deck in the final of a Hearthstone World Championship. Now the roles have reversed as Fr0zen is the one looking slumped and defeated his seat as Tom looks quietly confident. The final battle comes down to Jade Druid vs Jade Druid.

Game five starts with a ballsy move by Tom. He keeps Ultimate Infestation, a card not normally playable until turn ten, in his opening hand. Luckily, he draws the cards he needs to play it sooner than that. This incredible risk grants him with a huge reward as this huge amount of draw gives him the resources he needs to keep one step ahead of Fr0zen for the rest of the game. Left in a position he knows he cannot come back from, Fr0zen takes of his sensory depriving headphones, conceding the game to tom60229.

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Congratulation Tom and what an ending to an incredible tournament.